Transcriptions & Engraving

Todd Skrabanek can render a printed score from any recording you provide. Having perfect pitch, he can instantly recognize chord qualities to make efficient use of labor time. Have a favorite Coltrane or Bill Evans solo you’ve always wanted to learn? He will figure it out with 100% accuracy and make a score for you. Have a song you have written by ear and want to have it published? He can produce the score you can copyright and submit to publishing companies. Give him a band or orchestral piece and he can have the parts written out for you.  Lead sheets, piano scores, band or orchestral scores can be created from your recording. He also does engraving of rendered manuscripts using the latest Finale software, for PDF format.  Email him scans of your manuscript, an mp3 or CD and he will have your score ready in a matter of weeks.

Samples of Todd Skrabanek’s Psalm 23 Anthem and Psalm 116 Response score engraving work utilizing Finale 2014 scoring software.

Psalm 23 Response Sample PDF

Psalm 116 Response Sample PDF

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