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Todd Skrabanek is an AMAZING pianist. He has crazy, mad skills in sight-reading plus mind boggling technique coupled with impeccable musicianship of the highest order. Todd and I collaborated on a recording project recently and I can attest that there is no one who will work harder or more diligently to provide a masterful and polished finished product whether it is a simple recording or the most complex transcriptions. He is my "go-to" guy when I need the very best.
Jazz Musician and Singer
Having performed with premier choirs and soloists in major churches and classical venues in Georgia, Todd Skrabanek is a proven, respected performer. A prodigious sight reader and brilliant player by ear, he can play anything from popular music and jazz, to early music, through romantic, to the avant-garde. His solo performances and vocal and ensemble accompaniments evince an artistic range from insightful sensitivity to striking command, while never overshadowing, but always deftly supporting the artistic expression of the soloist or ensemble he is privileged to accompany. Thanks to his native musical genius, his commitment to his art, and professional discipline, Todd Skrabanek is among a small handful of the greatest classical pianists-accompanists in Georgia.
Atlanta Music Conductor
Todd Skrabanek is a true artist, performing major piano works of Chopin, Brahms and others with heartwarming passion, technical precision and total engagement. He is a consummate musician!
Todd is one of the most extraordinary pianists of our time. He can literally play anything from the music of the masters, open score to the most intricate of modern day composer's pieces. His compositions are marvelous and accessible for soloists and choirs. When I was seeking a pianist to help me present a program of contemporary composers, Todd was at the top of my list. I knew that he would number 1, be able to play the pieces as the composer wrote them and number 2 that he would be musical and number 3 that our ensemble would be accurate and professional.
You're a very talented pianist and a wonderful person. It was a joy having you play at our wedding!
Wedding Client
Todd Skrabanek is a very talented musician. He is able to play and improvise with amazing skill. He accommodates all requests with great speed and imagination. I have worked with him in many musical settings and was very impressed.
Todd Skrabanek is a music virtuoso to put it mildly. His ability to hear a new song on the radio and then sit down and play it correctly puts him in a rare savant category. Combine his perfect pitch, can-do attitude, and hysterical humor makes him THE perfect accompanist. If you are looking for a pianist for a wedding, look no further. Todd creates unique wedding nuptial arrangements for the most demanding Bride and Groom creating weddings that are one of a kind out of this world inspiring and beautiful.
Wedding Client
Whether he's playing baroque, jazz, 12-tone music or a showtune, pianist Todd Skrabanek is a marvel! He mixes breath-taking technique, impeccable musicianship, expressive eloquence, and total commitment to stunning effect. Todd is brilliant.
Organist and Composer
It was truly a pleasure playing together. The family very much appreciated it! Thanks again for being available on such short notice!
Todd's playing is exquisite. As an accompanist he is the perfect combination of total accuracy and total sensitivity; he is always completely musical; and his total understanding of every style from Bach to Björk is comprehensive.
Voice Teacher
I'm the person who reads all of the reviews before buying: Consumer Reports; Yelp; Amazon; Nextdoor, you name it. If you're reading this testimonial and wondering if you should work with Todd let me put your mind at ease. I'm a music educator, singer, and conductor. I've worked with Todd in rehearsal in performance situations well over 100 times over the past 15+ years. He is fantastic. World class. You won't find better. won't. Go ahead and give him a try. You will not regret it. Then send a testimonial so that I can read it.
Choir Soprano
I have worked with Todd Skrabanek for many years. I have sung in two choruses where Todd was the rehearsal pianist and also have worked with Todd where I was the vocal soloist and Todd was the collaborative pianist. I have even had the pleasure of singing one of Todd’s musical compositions and singing in the same section as Todd in a choir. Todd is an outstanding musician. He has perfect pitch, is a fine sight reader both on keyboard and vocally, and, is a truly excellent pianist—technically and interpretively. He is not only skilled as a solo pianist (I have heard him in concert) with great technical chops, but also has the flexibility and sensitivity to accompany singers and other instrumentalists extraordinarily well. It is nothing less than a pleasure and a privilege to be on the same stage as Todd Skrabanek.
Todd possesses a unique and grace-filled gift for composition. His Psalm responses make my heart sing.
Choir Alto
Todd Skrabanek is an incredible pianist and award winning composer. He recently learned one of my compositions (difficult!) in record time and actually held the whole ensemble together from the keyboard.
Local Cellist and Composer
Todd is a musical genius. His accompanying, solo work, composing, and arranging are all superb.
Having choir rehearsals led by our director with Todd Skrabanek, I can speak to Todd's craftsmanship at the keyboard--it is talented and inspired!
Local Singer

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